Wednesday, September 29, 2010

It's Almost October!

My favorite time of year is here... almost. September has certainly been a big tease. Here in Vegas, we are still having 100 + degree days, ugh! It really needs to be sweater weather NOW. I can't wait to decorate for Halloween (after Benj pulls the Rubbermaids out of storage, cuz he rearranged again and I can't find them.), cook delicious soups/chili, bake treats with pumpkin, get the kids' winter clothes out, and of course football season has arrived already.

What's going on with us:

*Ava started preschool at the beginning of the month. She loves it! She wishes school was every day... so do I. :)

*Lexi learned how to ride her bike. It only took a $20 bribe from her dad and she mastered it in about an hour.

*I tried the Atkins diet for about 3 weeks. Missed those carbs, but won't miss those 15 pounds I lost on it. Joined LVAC and I try to go every morning. I actually look forward to exercising again; been really frustrated after having this last baby. It's some "me" time and even at 530am, I'll take it!

*Reese is 4 months old. Went to the Dr. yesterday and she is 11lbs. 3 oz. (5th percentile; on the small side, but doc is not worried). It's really weird to have a petite baby while the older girls were so chunky. Reese has discovered her feet and can suck on her toes, is starting to get interested in toys, and has the biggest smiles for her sisters.

*Got a call from the school yesterday about 1:00, to come pick up Lexi. Apparently, she had stepped on a pencil and it went through her shoe into her foot. I got to the school to find her shoe filled with blood and the nurse wheeling Lexi out in a wheelchair! We went to the doctor (yes, BACK to the dr. we had just been to that morning). She got the wound cleaned out and thankfully no lead was stuck in there. Lexi was back to normal before bed last night, running and dancing. But she made sure to milk the experience for all it was worth!

*We can't wait for General Conference this weekend. And FYI: there are some super cute GC packets you can print out for the kiddos here.

Happy Autumn everybody!