Friday, October 31, 2008

Pumpkin Carving

Last night we finally got around to carving our pumpkin. The girls wanted a Snow White pumpkin, so that's what daddy had to carve (he's a little outnumbered, poor guy). Both Lexi and Ava had hesitations about digging out the "guts" with their hands. But Lexi ended up doing ok. Then it was Ava's turn. I'm soooooo wishing I had my camcorder out. She stuck her hand in and pulled it right back out and started crying for a napkin!! LOL! She is one that does not like to get dirty.

Benj did an excellent job carving out Snow White, so thanks babe! ;) More Halloween pics to come. :)

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Blogging Rut...

So I haven't been blogging lately... I just haven't really had anything to blog about. This past week has been pretty mundane. We did have trunk or treat at our church this weekend, but I will save the Halloween pics for later.

I will tell ya'll something quite amazing: My kids have been getting along lately!! Yesterday and today Lexi and Ava have been playing very well together- knock on wood. It's funny to listen to them, they have such imaginations. When Ava is napping Lexi will draw her pictures and give them to her when she wakes up. They go eat a snack outside after nap and they ride their bikes and dance. And they will play house where one of them in the mommy and the other is the baby. I LOVE moments like these... and it doesn't happen very often! LOL. Okay, I'm off to book club.

P.S. Benj and I voted tonight... if you're registered, don't forget to VOTE! :)

Lexi made "pet spiders" while Ava was napping today.

Lexi is a very good reader... Ava is actually letting Lex read her a book. Most of the time Rooney only lets ME to read to her. :)

Sunday, October 19, 2008


Every year my favorite radio station here sponsers what they call Bite of Las Vegas. They call it this because it's where there are a bunch of restaurants and food vendors who set up booths at the park. And a huge chunk of the money goes to the local mission for food. Anyway, there are also bands who come and play, and not just local bands cuz they do have that too, but big name bands. Puddle of Mud, Lenka, Secondhand Serenade, and Lifehouse were here this year (along with others I just can't remember right now). Last year we saw Fuel (and were supposed to see Lifehouse too, but they canceled it because of the wind) and the year before we went and saw Collective Soul. It's awesome cuz it's so cheap to get in and you get to see these cool bands and eat yummy food. Also they have a big kids corner where they do face painting, bounce house, prizes, etc. So it's pretty fun for the kiddos too. :)

So last night we got there and got to see Puddle of Mud and Lifehouse, which was who I really wanted to see. It was awesome. The girls loved their painted faces and Lexi was dancing it up with Lifehouse, lol! Anyway, here are a few pics from last night. :)

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Nail Polish

My mom sent the girls a Halloween box and in it was: Halloween books, Halloween hot chocolate (it's orange!), 2 shirts each, and Halloween nail polish. Okay, if you know my kids they are real girlie girls and so this was quite a treat. They opened the box last night before bed, and they were begging to put on the nail polish. So today they got to wear their new shirts and I finally painted their nails. The kit came with stickers too, but I told them those would have to go on AFTER bath tonight. ;) Thanks Mom!

Diabetes Walk

This morning we went on a diabetes walk at UNLV. The hospital sponsered employees and their families, so we thought why not? They are fun and it's for a good cause. And it actually felt like fall today, so we had to dig out the jeans and jackets. You should have heard my kids... they were so stoked to wear jeans, it was funny. There was a band and we collected all the freebies, and there were some good ones. ;) We walked the 3 miles (well, Ava rode) and Lexi didn't complain at all, I was very impressed. We told her when we got done walking that there was a bounce house at the end and she could jump. So I guess it was a good incentive. She had fun bouncing and even Ava got in, although I don't think she stood up once, lol. So here's to a cure for juvenile diabetes!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Dancing Queens

Today was Wednesday, Lexi's dance class day. Ava usually sits on my lap and sucks her thumb. But today... she was out there with the big girls dancing it up!! Okay, if you know Ava then you know she is shy and quite sensitive to anything new. She has been invited to participate several times before by the dance teacher, but never wanted to. And I have asked her if she wanted to take a dance class with kids her own age and she always said, "NO!" But of course at home with Lexi she is always dancing around, usually to the dances she has learned from class. So I was very shocked when today Ava just got in line with the girls and started warming up with them. She did ballet at the barre and when it was time for tap, the teacher gave her an extra pair of tap shoes. I think her favorite dance was Viva Las Vegas, lol. (The pictures are crappy... they are from my phone) She had so much fun. Today Ava is 2 and a half! Perhaps she is starting to come out of her shell a little bit huh?!

When we're home and I'm cleaning or srapbooking or something, I turn on my itunes list on the computer and we jam. Well our girls most favorite song-and they beg me to turn it to this every day- is Beautiful Life by Ace of Base. HAHA!! I love it, they totally rock out to this song and they both have their own "favorite parts." Again, sorry for the poor quaility, it's from my cellphone.