Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Christmas Cards

Visiting Santa

Christmas dresses

(the dresses were bought specifically for my brother's wedding next month, but they work for Christmas dresses too!)

Gingerbread house... a train this year

And Christmas sugar cookies for Santa... which the kids and I will make tomorrow.

I'm loving this time of year and all the festivities. We got to go to the Live Nativity (incredible, minus Mary falling off the donkey); attend our ward Christmas party and Benj's work party;
and Connie and I took our older girls to see the Nutcraker Ballet. It was so cool, Lexi especially loved it and is going to inform her dance teacher she wants pointe shoes NOW. :) And most importantly, we are remembering the Reason for the Season.

Madison, Lexi and Ava

Benj and I also celebrated 10 years of marriage! I honestly can't believe it's been ten years... I am so lucky to have married an amazing man. We've been through so much with getting our educations, career moves, buying our first house, having our 3 beautiful daughters and I'm loving this ride we are on! Love you babe and I'm so glad I get to spend eternity with you.


Thursday, December 9, 2010


I'm so grateful I was able to spend the Thanksgiving holiday with my family. My parents drove from Montana (through snow, ice and road closures) to be with their kids. We had an awesome time: Dinner hosted by Bret and Natalia, Black Friday shopping, another shopping trip to St. George, and making memories. Thanks Mom and Dad, for making the trek! We loved having you here. (Kicking myself for not getting one single picture of the girls with their grandparents!!... hope you got some Mom)

Our family Thankful Tree... it was fun to hear what the girls were thankful for. I'm thankful for these 3...

Ava's fun projects she made @ preschool

Benj, Bret and my dad... Turtlehead Peak

Grandma made turkey-shaped sugar cookies and the grandgirls got to frost them. Ava, Lexi and Abby in their cute little aprons

Baby girl turned 6 months the day before Turkey Day. She is showing much more personality and is so fun! Still sticking with the inchworm crawl, although she's getting faster. She loves all the veggie babyfood we've given her, but her favorite food is those star puff snacks (sweet potato flavor). Will drink water from a sippy cup, but refuses to hold it herself. Loves all her musical toys and when the girls sing "R-E-E-S-E, R-E-E-S-E, R-E-E-S-E and Reesey was her name-o!" Stop growing Reesey... it's going too fast.

We are enjoying December and all the Christmas festivities. Christmas cards are coming soon!