Saturday, May 28, 2011

Reese Turns 1!

Our baby girl is a year old! It's crazy, how fast this year has gone by. Reese didn't have a clue about her big day, but we loved celebrating!

Thanks to Grandpa and Grandma Matson for the shopping cart full of food... the big girls love playing with it too. ;)

She ate all the frosting off the cupcake, but spit the cake out. Silly girl... she for sure didn't have any qualms about getting messy!

And it's official, she's walking! (As you can tell from the bruises on her head)

Reese can also:

Say Hello, da-da, ba-ba (cup), na-na (banana), ball, and barks like a dog when she sees any kind of animal.

She can also say more, please and thank you in sign language.

Wave on command, give fist bumps and high-fives.

*She has yet to call me ma-ma. :( But my heart melts when Benj walks in the door and she yells, "Da-da! Da-da!" And lifts her arms to be picked up by him.

Reese loves:

To dance


Playing tag with her sisters (crawling)

Cuddling with stuffed animals

Whole milk

Mac n cheese




Her binky


Swinging at the park

Singing "Row, Row, Row Your Boat"

We love you Reesey Piecey!!!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Utah Trip

Last weekend, we went up to SLC and met my parents for the weekend. It was great to spend time with them. We woke up Sat. morning to about 6 inches of snow! The girls took advantage and went out to make a snowman at the hotel.

Us girls got to go shopping at Tai Pan {LOVE that store}, while the guys took the kids to the Children's Museum at Gateway. Wish there were pics of that, but the battery in our camera had died. We all met for lunch at the Braza Grill {delicious Brazilian Steakhouse, all you can eat}. Then the guys went to the motocross races (OUTSIDE... brrrrr!) and my mom and I went and surprised Destiny at the salon where she works in Orem! It was so fun to see her and she met us later for shopping and dinner at the mall and Ikea. :) Thanks guys, for a fun filled weekend!

Easter 2011

Over spring break, I took the girls to the mall to kill a day. I had to get a picture of Reese's first experience with the Easter Bunny. Yeah, she wasn't all that impressed by him. I love it... a pic for her scrapbook.

The kids were up at 6:30 this year on Easter morning! What?!

The Easter Bunny left them money in their eggs :)

We had both my brothers and their wives over for Easter dinner. The guys hid the eggs and then the kids went for their hunt.

Easter Dresses! Lexi was the only one I had to buy a dress for... Reese is wearing the yellow dress that both Lexi and Ava wore on their first Easter's. :)

Reese- 11 months old on Easter Day!