Thursday, July 23, 2009

Montana Vaca

Wow, we crammed a lot into 10 days! But it was 10 days of fun and adventure. The girls and I headed up to UT on the 9th. We stayed @ Destiny and Shay's. Then the next day we followed them up to Hamilton. With 2 kids and a guinea pig, we only had to stop 4 times. :) We were at my parents' house for almost a week. Then Benj flew in and we headed to Kalispell for a long weekend. Our "new" minivan made the trip even better... we brought a lot of stuff back with us, hehe. We got to stop and see friends/sights on our drive home too. Here are some pics:

We all stopped @ Big Hole Battlefield for a break... the girls with Tiggz, Destiny's pet.
Bubbles with Grandpa
Helping mow the lawn

Shannon, Julie, and I

All our kids!

My mom, the girls, and I at Skalkaho Falls- so pretty!
Popsicles after running through the sprinkler.
Leaving for the airport to pick up Benj ... Romeo wanted to come with us. ;)

Lunch break in Polson @ Flathead Lake

Lake McDonald in Glacier National Park... we went on a boat ride (the big one)

Benj's dad, Benj and the girls... taking a rest along a hike


On our way down on this hike, we saw 3 big horned sheep

And goats

Playing @ Whitefish Lake

Took a walk through Woodland Park

I love these poses, lol!

Picking vegetables from Grandma Baumann's garden

On our way home, we stayed the night in LOGAN! We got to eat @ The Bluebird... mmmmm, that Bluebird chicken, I sure miss it. We went up to campus and walked around... it's changed since we attended there, oh 6 years ago! The whole town has in fact...

Waaaaaayyyy too young to become a "true Aggie!"

We also stopped in SLC and walked Temple Square. This is at the top of the Conference Center.

I miss MT already... family and friends, and those cool MT temps!! But we had a great time with everyone we saw there and along the way. Now it's back to reality!!!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Happy 6th B-day Lexi!

I can't believe my girl is 6! Time goes waaaaayyy too fast. I told Lexi to stop growing up and she said, "I can't wait til I grow up. Then I can do whatever I want!"
She had her friend party yesterday, it was a bug party. Yep, my girly girl didn't want a princess or a Barbie theme, just bugs. ;) The kids had fun going on a bug hunt (fake, plastic bugs of course) and eating bug cupcakes. Tonight we had her family party and I made an inchworm cake (thank you . Lexi knew her big present was a new bike cuz she picked it out like a month ago. She is getting the hang of riding without training wheels, but as soon as she realizes Benj isn't holding on anymore, she freaks and stops/falls. Keep it up Lex! Happy Birthday, we love you!!!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

4th of July

We had a fun 4th this year... it's exactly what we did last year:

Parade in the morning

Benj went to work for a few hours while the girls napped

BBQ in the evening

Bowling @ Red Rock

Fireworks @ Red Rock

Ice cream

I'm so grateful to live in America, for our freedoms, for those who have fought/fight for our country!! Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday!