Sunday, May 31, 2009

More May Happenings...

So this is how we ended our May:
The new park FINALLY opened by Lexi's school, the closest park to our house now, whoo hoo! All the Kindergarten classes went and sang at the opening of the park. Ava had a blast playing in the water area. She was just starting out in these pics, but she really did get SOAKED. :)

Benj's bday was Friday, he turned 33!! After he worked a 14 hour day, we went out to dinner at Outback to celebrate. The girls and I made him a cake (but I couldn't find the other #3 candle, so I used just 3 separate candles). And he got what he's been wanting for a long time now, GUITAR HERO!!

Lexi really wanted to try. She did a great job, but wanted to quit during the first song, lol.

And Lexi lost her first tooth! The thing had been hanging there for a few days now and after church today, she stuck it in my hand. She said she had just been pushing it with her tongue and it fell out! YAY! You can hardly see a hole (bottom left, her right), her new tooth is about grown in. Perhaps the Tooth Fairy will make a visit tonight?! ;)

And yesterday (while daddy was working yet again... I'm thankful for his job, I'm thankful for his job...), I took the girls to see "UP." It wasn't amazing, but it was good. My girls really liked it, except for "the scary dogs." :)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

May Happenings

Aaaaaaah, more blogging to catch up on. Here's what's been happening with us:
Last week Bret, Natalia, and Abby stayed with us. They closed on their new house, but didn't get the keys til 5 days later! They are fantastic house guests though, and the cousins had a lot of fun playing together.
Lexi had her "Spring Extravaganza" at her school. Their class sang several songs, it was so great. Lexi was even in a quartet....darling! I love her teacher, Mrs. Leary and I know Lexi is going to miss her! Only 7 more days of school!!!


Benj's nephew, Jefferson came into town for the Memorial Day weekend. Saturday was spent doing odds and ends around the house and running errands. But in the evening, we went to the 51's baseball game. It was such a great game. We were down 3 and in the bottom of the 9th, we scored 4 runs to win the game! There was a firework show after and of course the kids LOVED that.

Yesterday was spent outside playing in the little pool and getting some sun. We also had a backyard bbq with The Larkins. I'm so grateful to those who fought/fight for our country so we can enjoy our freedom!!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day

I pretty much got to celebrate Mother's Day ALL weekend this year. Friday morning I dropped Ava off at Benj's office and went to Lexi's school for the Mother's Day Tea. It was sooooooo sweet.

First we were served scones, fruit, and juice. And we got to read the books our child put together about Mom & I. Lexi's was so great, she had hers illustrated so awesome! My favorite page was the very first page. It says: My Mom and I eat- and she had written "Piscete." And she drew a picture of her and I sharing a noodle!! How cute is that?! The kids sang some really great songs and of course I totally bawled. But I felt better after looking around because all the other moms were crying too. :) I have pics/video, but it's all on my phone and I need Benj's help transferring it (yep, not savvy enough to do it on my own).

I got some alone time yesterday at the house. I took a long bubble bath, finished a book, and played piano while Benj took the kids to the primary activity. Today my girls gave me royal treatment, showering me with pictures, cards, wrapped up toys (they wrapped up some DVD's/toys with Christmas paper, hehe), and even made me cupcakes. I love being Lexi and Ava's mom and I'm so grateful they are mine!

I talked to my mom today too and nope, I didn't forget about this picture!! LOL! Good times. You make me laugh mom and I'm so glad we are close, love you! Hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day!

Race for the Cure

I'm kind of behind on stuff I wanted to blog about... the blog is really turning into a chore. But at least I know my MOM reads it. :)

Last Sat. Apryl and I did the Race for the Cure 5k at Fremont St. It's always a fun race. There are sooooooooo many participants and so you're just constantly weaving around people during the run. We decided to run it for fun, no killing ourselves to beat PR's. Our time was 28:06.

And I've realized I have been blogging now for a year! I remember because last year's Race for the Cure was my very first post. ;)