Thursday, March 18, 2010

30 Weeks

I'm 30 weeks pregnant today. 10 more weeks to go... hopefully sooner though. :)

Things I'm Loving Right Now:

*my Gap lounge pants... well, pretty much any pants with an elastic waist

*Bath & Body Works bubble bath, using this one at the moment

*How Ava pretends she has a baby in her tummy... a baby girl, of course

*Benj's back massages

*Digging through all the baby clothes

*Justifying my horrible food choices as "cravings"

Things I'm Missing Right Now:


*Sleeping on my back

*Being able to paint my toenails decently

*Wearing "real" clothes

Maybe I'll get a picture up here... maybe.

Other updates:

Lexi lost 2 teeth last week, her top ones. The Tooth Fairy sure was busy.

We had friends come down this weekend... Amy is also pregnant with her 3rd girl. It was so fun to hang out and the girls all had a blast playing together. Thanks for a fun visit you guys!!

Spring break is next week and I'm trying to come up with some fun activities to do with the kiddos. I'm thinking children's museum and butterfly park... anyone want to come??

Friday, March 12, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Lexi has been on track break from school for 3 weeks (back to school on Monday, thank goodness!!). So to kill some time, the girls and I flew up to Montana for a visit. I usually FREEZE when I'm up there, but I guess we brought some warm weather with us. 50*+ days and the day we left it was snowing. I loved it!

Our schedule can be pretty predictable considering there's not a ton to do in Hamilton. We had a couple shopping days in the "city" (Missoula), haircuts at my dad's shop, shopping on Main Street, several meals at Taco John's, a visit to my grandparents' house, a drive up to Darby to get some treats at the candy store, a stop at Lake Como, and some browsing @ Kmart and Walgreens. Thanks Mom and Dad for another fun visit... the best part was just spending time with my family!

The girls with Romeo

Lexi, getting some of that thick hair cut off

Rooney's turn, who had this to say after her haircut: "My hair is definitely beautiful!"

The girls with Grandma @ Como Lake

HAHA- you just had to be there for this... We were eating A&W burgers and my mom asked if I wanted her pickle and I said sure. So she flings it over and it landed on my cup, through the straw. Lol.

Feeding the ducks with Grandpa

My girls and my parents

A few MT flakes