Thursday, April 30, 2009

Children's Museum

Every summer the girls get passes to the Discovery Museum for reading in the library reading program. Well, we FINALLY got around to using those passes [figured we better since they expired TODAY]. Right now there is a Clifford exhibit and the girls had so much fun. They could have played in the Clifford room all day!

Painting Rocks

The other day the girls and I went on a search for some good rocks that we could paint for a spring craft. We made lady bugs and the girls did an excellent job on their little project! Ava LOVES to paint and she could have painted every rock we have sitting in the backyard. :)

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Professional Pics

When my mom was here last week, we got the girls' pictures updated at Picture People in the mall. Abigail's too. They all did really good this time, although Abigail is 18 months and is busy! It took her a little while to warm up and then she was down on the floor with her cousins saying, "Cheeeeeeessse!"

Last Minute Trip

Our awesome friends, the Larkins, their family has a cabin up in UT. Sean was going to take scouts up there camping, but no one showed up. So they invited us to come with them! We had about an hour to pack and we loaded up and took off to Pine Valley. It was such a fun trip, even though it snowed all afternoon... the kids got to go on a hike with the dads and Apryl and I got to just stay in and relax. Thanks you guys for such a fun time!!

Lexi's Talent Show

Lexi's class talent show was last week. The girls/boys sang Sesame Street and then the girls sang Hard Knock Life. It was so cute, Lexi was very enthusiastic. :) Here are some pics!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Girl's Getaway

Ashley, Apryl and I were able to go on a girl's only trip this past weekend! We went up to Ashley's parent's cabin up at Brianhead Resort in Utah. The cabin was gorgeous, there were no kids, no husbands, and it was so fun and relaxing. We went into Cedar City and went to the movies (17 Again), went out to eat a couple times, had a Pride & Prejudice marathon, and just had fun being on no schedule at all. Thank girls for an awesome time!!! We def have to do it again! ;)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Our Easter weekend was a fun one. We got back from our trip the day before (also my bday), and I had to get to the store to get everything for our Easter dinner and eggs to color of course. The girls had fun dying eggs and Benj made me a bday cake... awesome. The next morning the girls went downstairs... the Easter Bunny had made a visit! :) After church, my brothers and family came over for dinner. And Lexi, Ava, and Abby had an egg hunt. It was such a beautiful day!
Easter dresses!

Do you see that egg Rooney??
Lexi helping Abby find eggs.

Grandma sent a fun Easter package!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Disneyland & Birthdays

Last week was spring break, Ava's bday, and my bday and we spent it at Disneyland. I think I was as excited as my kids about going (I hadn't been there since I was a kid)... and it didn't disappoint. Our first day there was on Ava's 3rd birthday- I can't believe my baby is 3!! Ava refused to wear her bday button from Disney, so know one knew it was her birthday. She got a giftcard for merchandise and she picked out a of fun stuff... and just had to have these Tinkerbelle green flip flops!
The first stop had to be to see the princesses. The girls saw Belle, Ariel, and Jasmine. The girls especially enjoyed meeting Tinkerbelle and Fawn in Pixie Hollow and going to play in Toon Town with Mickey and Minnie. :) Ava opened her presents at the hotel before we went to the park since we knew we were not going to be back till late. Here are some pics, enjoy!

I think Ariel was their favorite!

Ava fell asleep in line to meet Tigger.

We ate at Rainforest Cafe for dinner and Ava
got bday ice cream. :)

Cotton candy during the firework show.


Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Easter Bunny

I took the girls to the mall yesterday to visit the Easter Bunny. Lexi was the only one who wanted to go see him though. Of course Ava refused, lol. She did give him a high five on the way out though. :)

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Locked Out!

I'm an idiot... this morning I locked my keys in the car... along with everything else like my phone, water, Ava's snacks. Ava and I were at the park (of course not the one closest to our house). When my friend Shelly got there, she let me use her phone to call Benj. I told him we were at the park on Town Center. And he was like, "What? Why are you clear over there?" I was just thinking, ok obviously he hasn't been to this park for a while because it's really not that far. I told him to jump on the freeway and just come cuz I had to pick up Lexi for school soon. And since he rides his bike to work, he had to ride it home to get his truck and them come to the park...
So we're waiting and waiting. Ava is playing and wanting her snack (thank you Shelly and kids for sharing with her!!). And Benj still hasn't come. So Shelly checks her phone and there's a voicemail from Benj. I call him and he tells me he's there at the park. I said, no you're not. He goes, "Yes, I'm at Town Square." Ok, Town Square is the outdoor mall and yep, there's a park there. But we were at Town Center!! No wonder he was acting like it was way out of the way... it kind of is. So... he had to turnaround, back on the freeway to Town Center. LOL!! So sorry honey! But I have to mention... I have bailed you out before. Remember locking your keys in your truck and me driving in rush hour traffic clear to UNLV to resuce you? ;)
Thanks babe, for all the running around you did this morning. Brownies are in the oven!!