Thursday, November 3, 2011


                          We partied ALL weekend for Halloween this year.  From eating "spooky" foods,                                                        
to attending an adult only Halloween party (that's Tim McGraw and Faith Hill ya'll),
 to making Halloween sugar cookies,
 to carving pumpkins, and another pumpkin party with friends (pics are on my phone),
 to Benj's work trunk-or-treat,
 to our ward trunk-or-treat,
 to class Halloween parades.

We were so exhausted, that we skipped trick-or-treating on Halloween night all together.  Plus, our kids (and me) didn't need any more candy!  We stayed home and had our own little party.  We made our mummy pizzas, lit some candles, handed out candy  and watched Spooky Buddies.  :)   And yep, the kids were o.k. with that.   Hope you all had a fun Halloween!