Sunday, November 30, 2008

Big Girl Bed!!

Ava finally got a big girl bed this weekend! I found cute purple butterfly bedding to match her room. She didn't even fall out last night, lol. When I got her up this morning she stood up on the bed and said, "Mom. I love this bed!" :)

Thanksgiving Weekend

For Turkey Day this year, we stayed home and cooked our own turkey dinner. I must say, I did good. HA! It was a great Thanksgiving and I am very thankful for so many blessings in my life!! I enjoyed spending time with my family, but missed those who are far away. And I enjoyed my turkey coma, cuddling with Rooney. :)

We had a fun weekend with Benj having the whole time off from work! I opted out of doing the 5am shopping on Black Friday (unlike last year, right mom?). But we did venture up to the mall later that day so I could catch a few deals. Saturday we took a hike in Red Rock and took the kids to see Madagascar 2. So fun... and tomorrow it is back to the grind. And I am seriously going to have to run like 50 miles for all that yummy food I ate this weekend!! Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! :)

Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Mermaid & Santa Visit (#1)

My friend Shelly told me about Santa's Wonderland at Bass Pro Shops. Every weekend till Christmas they are doing pictures with Santa and a children's craft... and it's all FREE. So we decided to go check it out today. The store is in the Silverton Casino and right when you walk in there is a huge fish aquarium. And the mermaid was out today!! My girls got a kick out of that. They are still talking about how she was waving at them and blowing them kisses. So cute.
Then it was on to see Santa. Ava has been saying for a couple weeks now how she wanted to go sit on Santa's lap. And of course when it was about their turn she started freaking out. But Lexi went right up to him and got on his lap and then Ava was fine! They got to color Christmas pictures and I got to do a little shopping for fun gifts too. :) Thanks for the tip Shelly!

Turkey Trot

Today I ran my last 5k for the year. And it was my personal best!! I ran with my running buddy, Apryl. We both crossed the finish line together with a time of 26:40. And if we read the division results right, Apryl got 4th and I got 5th in our age group!! Whoo hoo!! :)

Friday, November 21, 2008


I have a feeling a lot of people will be blogging about this movie today! And for me, this movie totally lived up to all the hype. OMGosh... it was sooooooo good!! I went to the midnight show last night and stood in line for forever just like the Twilight groupie that I am. ;) The movie stayed pretty true to the book, so that was good. It was funny and the special effects were awesome! If I could I would go see it again and again!!! Read the book first if you haven't already, then def go see the movie!!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

San Diego

Phew! What a trip... so we went down to San Diego for a few days to get away. The original plan was to go to Phoenix, but the more we thought about it... there really isn't that much to do there. So... we decided to head down to Cali and do the tourist thing there (again-we love SD). We went to the temple grounds, to the zoo, went to Old Town, did Legoland, and hit the beach this morning.

The temple there is so beautiful! Lexi couldn't stop talking about how pretty it is. :)

Ava is really into animals right now, so she absolutely loved the zoo. She said her favorite was the monkeys (it was actually orangutans, the baby was playing and totally showing off.... soooo cute!). And Lexi said her favorite was the koala bears. They are so cute, but they were all sleeping when we came by.

Legoland is a really fun park. We had never been there before, so we didn't really know what to expect. Of course there is all the things made out of legos, which is absolutely amazing. Then they have lots of rides, a lot of them the whole family can go on. We didn't even get around the whole park, we ran out of time!

Old Town San Diego was a lot of fun too. I could have stayed there all day long! There is the coolest shops, buildings, and restaurants with a lot of history and Mexican heritage.

There were a lot of surfers out on the ocean this morning. I'm no surfer, but it looked like there were some pretty good waves! Lexi loved getting her feet wet and drawing pictures in the sand. Ava of course freaked out when she got her feet in the wet sand, but she warmed up to it all and started to draw pictures with Lexi.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

4 Mile Run

My friend Apryl and I ran with the Las Vegas Track Club this morning in a 4 mile "low key" run. Oh my... low key was not how I would put it. It totally kicked my butt! First of all, I've never raced in anything over a 5k and second, the course was HARD! The first mile was uphill the whole way while the second was slightly downhill, but then evened out toward the end. And then we had to run it twice cuz we chose to do the 4 mile run. But I got first and Apryl got 2nd in our age group... there were only 3 of us, hehe. :) My time was 38 min. and 2 seconds, whoo hoo! But the track club is serious business and there are 60+ yr. olds out there training for marathons. It was very inspiring. I hope I'm in that great of shape when I'm older.


Rooney Witch
Lexi Witch
Flying on their broomsticks

Little Witches


Here are some pics of last night trick or treating. We went out to Green Valley, to an outdoor mall and all the stores gave out candy. And Cinderella was even there!! The girls were super excited about that. She was so nice and talked to the girls and then posed for pictures. Happy Halloween!