Wednesday, March 23, 2011

C & K's Wedding

I finally put the pics from our new camera on the computer! Ok, Benj did. But he showed me how, so hopefully I can keep up with the blog better. Here are some pictures from Chad and Kristen's wedding, way back in January. It's amazing, the quality of pictures when you have a decent camera!It was a gorgeous day in Vegas. And the temple grounds are always lovely.


Reese- trying not to touch the grass at all :)

Ava collected a few pinecones while we waited for the happy couple to come out.


I love this one: Abby always squints her eyes when getting a picture taken (because of the flash... even when there is no flash), and Reesey, hmmm... must have been naptime.

Cute neices of Chad and Kristen's... they all got along really well.

My "little" brothers... always beating me up, j/k. It was great having all our family here for this special event. I'm so glad to know what I know and that families are forever!

My proud parents with their baby. I still can't believe Ging-Ging is married (it makes me feel kind of old). But he picked a good one! Congrats Chad and Kristen!