Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Blessing Day

Here are a few pictures of Reese on her blessing day. She was really not up for getting her picture taken in her dress. Thanks to all the family who traveled down for this special day!!

And here is Reese with her Uncle Chad (my brother) and his FIANCE, Kristen... they had gotten engaged just that morning!! Congrats kids. :)

Friday, July 16, 2010

Lexi Turns 7!

Our first born is 7 years old now!

At age 7, Lexi likes:

* Music- her favorite song is still "Beautiful Life" by Ace of Base. But she's getting to that stage where she's into the teeny boppers like Miley Cirus and Justin Bieber.

*Dance- she just finished a modern dance class and will be taking ballet again in the fall.

*Tending to Reese- Lex is incredibly helpful in the mornings when I'm trying to get everyone ready. She holds Reese when she's fussing.

*Art- we got her a whole box of paper from Costco so she can draw all she wants without stealing all my printer paper. :) Her art teacher at school kept her last painting for the school art show.

*Nature- she's always wanting to go hiking with Benj and when she prays she always mentions how grateful she is for nature.

*School- this past year she was always bored on track breaks. Next summer will be a long one for her now that schools are all going 9 month!

She is still terrified of riding her bike by herself, but maybe 7 is the age she will overcome that hurdle. We are so glad Lexi is part of our family. I can still see her as a baby, especially when I look at Reese, those two are one in the same in looks. We love you Lexi Pea!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Running... why do you hate me so?

I used to love to run. Now I'm trying to get back into running shape and hating every minute. Week 4 of running.

This morning:

Passing me from the opposite direction, a muscled male hottie hardly out of breath. While here I am truckin' uphill, my jiggly parts...jiggling.

Running down Patrick, the sun beating down on me. It's about 85*.

Rounding Grand Canyon, a side ache in my right side.

Wanting to walk so bad!!

Why am I struggling? Is it the heat? Is it the exhaustion of tending to a newborn? Yes, these things are factors. Isn't running supposed to relieve stress? Well, it's stressing me out. I want to run a half marathon this year. I know it will take time to get this post pregnancy body back into shape, but I want it now!

All right, give me your words of sympathy and encouragement. :)

P.S. Our desktop crashed, with all our pictures/music on it. I knew I should have put everything on my laptop... just in case. In the process of transferring what we can to discs. Fingers crossed, Lexi's 7th bday pics will get posted soon.