Monday, September 14, 2009

The Putt Park

Saturday night we decided to head down the street to try out the new miniature golf course. It looks so small from the road, but it is a 18 hole course. It's nothing fancy, but we got in half price for their grand opening. It was dark, so they gave us glow in the dark golf balls. :) This was the first time for the girls miniature golfing. Lexi had a blast, she didn't care about the rules or anything. She just hit that ball as many times as it took to get it in the hole (and sometimes it was many). Ava on the other hand... she was done after hole 1. All in all, it was a fun family activity.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Joy School

Ava started Joy School today! I was really worried that she would freak out when I dropped her off, but nope... she did just fine. She was so excited this morning, she kept asking when we could go. She got to bring show 'n tell and I think she changed her mind 4 different times. Ava ended up bringing her Ariel camera. :) I think this will be great for her socially and of course she is learning too. There are 4 kids in the class, everyone is from church, so she knows the other kids. We rotate houses, and my turn to teach is in a couple weeks... oh joy!

She has such a silly smile! I don't know why, but she wouldn't smile "normal." :)

Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day falls at the beginning of the month, therefore Benj had to WORK...ugh. So Sat. I took the girls to the orchard to pick some apples and get some melon. We go every year, but usually during August. We got there and they tell me they had to pick all the apples/fruit so you could only pick vegetables. Ok. So we drive to the vegetable field and start exploring. We only ended up with 4 measely tomatoes (that shriveled up the next day), 3 butternut squash (that I don't even have a clue how to cook), a cantaloupe (which tasted like perfume so I threw it out), and a canary melon (that I have yet to cut into). Yeah, quite a disappointing visit this year... But we made up for it with lunch @ McDonald's and when Benj got home from work, dinner @ Olive Garden. :)

Lexi is carrying the stuffed dog for a project @ school. She was "team player" this week and had to take Top Dog on all her weekend adventures and then write about it in a journal.

Labor Day

Benj only worked half the day, whoo hoo! So late in the afternoon we headed up to one of our favorite spots, Red Rock. We hiked around Calico Springs and then up some more trails to "find a cave." Lexi is always on the look out for a cool cave. It was such an enjoyable evening. The weather is finally getting a little cooler, at least for my morning runs and in the evenings. We grilled steaks for dinner and ate on the patio. Yay for Fall!

These nice people riding the trail stopped and let the girls pet their horses. :)