Thursday, November 8, 2012

Major Catch-up Time!

Hello Blogland... I've missed reading everyone's blog posts.  It's been fun to sit down and catch up!  So since I'm here, I suppose I will do a post.
                                              Here is the first day of school.  Lexi is in 4th and Ava is in 1st grade. 
At the end of Sept my parents came to visit.  We went and saw Wicked and my mom, my SIL and I got to go to Time Out for Women.  None of my pics turned out and my instagram pics are still on the phone...

Reese had to have surgery for an umbilical hernia.  She was a real trooper! 
This is before the surgery.  She did NOT want to get into those pj's.
                                                                                    After surgery; in recovery
                                             Cuddling with Daddy... all she wanted was to be held the rest of the day.

Reese was Little Red Riding Hood

Ava was a witch
                                                                                         And Lex was a vampire

Hot Air Balloon Festival
Southern Hills Hospital had a balloon festival and they bought a bunch of balloon rides for some of the employees.  So Benj got to go on a ride!  They flew right over our house, so we got to take lots of pictures.

                                                                        Benj is in this rainbow balloon

                                                               Benj's view
                                                   Can you see us in the driveway?
                                                       And in the backyard

                 We spent all afternoon and evening there.  The kids got to ride unlimited rides and Lexi even went on this thing:

                                                      At dark 6 balloons lit up at the same time for the balloon glow.

That was a fun weekend and the most time we have spent with Benj since he became CFO.  He has been working til 2 or 3 in the morning every day... I'm not exaggerating!  He is working hard and we are so thankful for him supporting us.  Hopefully it slows down soon and he can come home at a decent time.  We are all looking forward to our Thanksgiving vacation in Montana!


montana diana said...

Oh Mindy, I love your new post and ALL of the pics. Poor Reesey, but I am so glad its over for her and for guys too! The balloon ride is awesome and looks like a blast. Loved looking at you from Benj's viewpoint. Ha. We are excited for your Thanksgiving Montana Vacation too. Its going to be great and we will take lots of pictures. Love you all.

Lisa said...

I love the balloon pics - especially Benj's view of you all! So awesome!

That really stinks that he works so much. Sorry!

Kara said...

I don't know how you survive having Benj gone so much! Hope it settles down soon! Great pics of the balloons and all, somehow we totally missed seeing any of it. :)

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